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Teddy bears group

Teddy bears group

The Teddy Bears group is attended by children between age 4 - 6. In the kindergarten, they speak, play and learn using exclusively English.

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Manó group

Manó group

In the Manó group, we introduce children between age 3 - 4 to the community life in the kindergarten. The introduction of English language starts here.

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Süni group

Süni group

Children between age 4 - 6 attend to the Süni group. In this group, we make an emphasis on Hungarian language education.

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Mini group

Mini group

A Pingvin Óvoda Mini csoportja valójában egy bölcsődei csoport,ahova gyermekét már 18 hónapos kortól várjuk!

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Nézze meg képgalériánkat, hogy ovisaink, bölcsiseink mindennapi változatos életéről még jobban képet kapjon!

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We strive to keep our kindergarteners' lives colorful with various cultural and sport programs and experiences day by day.

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Jeles napok


We always involve children in the preparations for celebrations, and so we teach them our folk traditions.


Óvodai étkezés


Your child is welcome to our kindergarten with meals made of quality resources four times a day.

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In January, we made our arts activity schedule domestic in the Pingvin kindergarten. The ...
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In the kindergarten, we feel very honored, that we can help those in need, thus we further ...
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Yes, because arts make you free, freedom gives you happiness, and happy people are the most able ...
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No day of winter has got as much fun as this one. Masks and decorations are being prepared for ...
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Feedback from parents

It's fun to be between the kindergarten's walls, not only to the children but to the parents. The staff is nice and attentive, the teachers are caring and devoted. The kindergarten's dominated by a splendid, motivating atmosphere. Even with the best intent, the family couldn't reach this level of diversity!

Berecz Annamária

Since we go to the Pingvin Kindergarten, I can see that Roland is soaring, creative, enthused, but most importantly, HAPPY, only now can I truly see in what a bad environment he's been until now, now I can see the difference, which holds a contrast between the last two years (anxious, tense atmosphere, frustrations) and the last one month, the POSITIVE, the creative, the happy.

Pordán Anett

Our daughter, Eszter, is a vivid child requiring little sleep. Even at very early age, she wasn't able to sleep afternoon. We were afraid, that her wakefulness would be an obstacle among the fellow children. Fortunately, the teachers found a solution. Following the taletelling, Eszter didn't have to stay in bad. She can spend the resting time with activities that she finds attractive as well.

Puskás Magdolna



our foundation

Our foundation

Our maintainer, the Ulrich Kindergarten Foundation. We kindly ask you to support our foundation by offering 1% of your personal income tax.

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our goals

Our goals

We develop the children's abilities in an intimate, familiar atmosphere, so they could enter the best school with courage.

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We educate our kindergarteners based on traditional values, and teach them to respect adults and each other. Our policies serve the same purpose.

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About us

Our kindergarten was founded by Pege Zsóka in 1981, on the 12th district's Böszörményi út.

Shortly the space became limited due to expanding requirements, so we moved to Gellért hill for a while, before eventually occupying our recent location.


Pingvin Óvoda & Bölcsőde

1121 Budapest, Eötvös út 2.

06 20 546 6137

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