Our goals

A new era in kindergarten education!

Quality determined!


To make the child's first outside-the-family environment a SECURE ATMOSPHERE.

To make them cheerful and inspired from their acceptance till school age, by establishing a healthy number of children per group.

We develop the abilities of children in an inward, familiar atmosphere, so they could enter the best schools encouraged.

A consequent education is realized in a child-friendly way, WITH RESPECTING THE CHILDREN'S PERSONALITY..

Our kindergarten's true merits are the PLAYFULNESS, the motivation of children, and the fun of activities while keeping them interested.

The noble traditions of Hungarian KINDERGARTEN EDUCATION blend with international educational experiences..

Owing to our excellent, young teachers and the use of our own program, after 3 kindergarten years, OUR KINDERGARTENERS ARE WARMLY WELCOMED BY ANY HUNGARIAN, ENGLISH OR AMERICAN SCHOOL.

OUR SUMMER CAMP OFFERS AN OUTSTANDING ARRAY OF POSSIBILITIES to this age, so it's deservedly popular not only amongst Hungarian, but foreign children as well.

About us

Our kindergarten was founded by Pege Zsóka in 1981, on the 12th district's Böszörményi út.

Shortly the space became limited due to expanding requirements, so we moved to Gellért hill for a while, before eventually occupying our recent location.


Pingvin Óvoda & Bölcsőde

1121 Budapest, Eötvös út 2.

06 20 546 6137


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