Dear Parents!

We kindly ask you to read our Policies section below and aspire to keep its outlines.

In the name of the traditional parenting our kindergarteners are trained to pay respect to adults and to each other, so that they can accept the differing personalities of their fellows and they can express themselves, but keep being able to accommodate each other. We inspire our kindergarteners to be definite and understanding at the same time.

In order to promote the success of our aspirations, we kindly ask you to amplify these principles in your children at home.

The ideal time of the arrival is 8:30 AM so quality education and training could take place. We ask the children arriving later to join the activity in a way they would not distract the others. 8-8:30 AM - the time of unique lessons. Ask the teachers for details.

The kindergarten can not pass the children over to anyone except their parents or persons authorized by them!

In case of being late we kindly ask parents to call us. The same applies in case of illness or any other reasons of absence.  

It is mandatory for any child over 5 years of age to attend a kindergarten regularly. In case of regular absence, the headmaster must notify the competent notary. (y 1993 law LXXIX.)


  • Breakfast: 8:30-9:00 AM
  • Elevenses: 10:30 AM
  • Lunch: 12-12:30 PM
  • High tea: 15 PM

Certain programs can modify the schedule above. At summer, the children are welcomed and given back to their parents in our garden.

In order to have some fresh air we hold a part of the activities in the garden whenever the weather is nice.

Eating in the dressing room is strictly PROHIBITED! (by ÁNTSZ)

We kindly ask the parents not to give chocolate, sweets, bubble gums etc. to their children at arrival or departure. Except for familiarization time, we ask you not to disturb the programs by staying or letting your children's siblings stay in the group rooms.

We try to make room for family events, in which we warmly welcome all dear guests. At normal times the full attention of the teacher is required to perfectly fulfill their duties. The daily activities last until 4 PM, which are followed by free playtime and also tidying up at the end. Please do not bother the kindergarteners at their activities and during their resting period!

Our kindergarten is open from 8 AM to 5 PM as a basic service. The children can receive further care for a cost of 1.000 HUF per 30 minutes.

Protection prescriptions and regulations regarding the children

Since the kindergarten can only be visited by healthy children, the kindergarten personnel can not give any medicines to the children!

Recovering children under medical treatment can not attend the kindergarten until their complete recovery.

Children recovered from an illness can only be taken back to the child community by providing a medical certificate which is to be handed over to the kindergarten pedagogues on arrival. In its absence children can not be accepted by the kindergarten. Absence announced in advance (travel, trip, other family programs) forms an exception.

Please announce infectious diseases to the headmaster immediately, since we are accounted of it by the local ÁNTSZ. Disinfection must take place in the kindergarten immediately. We inform parents about the illnesses and measures on our bulletin board. In case of accident the parents are immediately notified and a doctor or a paramedic performing the necessary provision are called. On demand by the parent, the child can be examined by their own doctor.

In case of accident five copies of protocol are produced which are forwarded to competent authorities prescribed by law.

In case of diarrhea, the child is only accepted back if a negative stool record is presented.

Parents are informed in advance about programs outside the kindergarten, unless particular notification from the parent, the kindergarten expects the child on the program. The colleagues of the institution are only responsible for children accepted at arrival! After arriving in the afternoon and taking over their child from the teachers, parents are fully responsible for the child.

About any celebrations in the kindergarten (their time, the mode of celebration and the requisition of fancy dress) we provide information in due time.

The clothes and the shoes of children can often get mixed up. We kindly ask you to mark the children's belongings in order to avoid confusion. The interior shoes of the child are very important for the healthy growth of the feet.

A gyerekek ruhája, cipője gyakran összecserélődhet. Kérjük jellel vagy névvel ellátni a gyermekek holmiját a csere megelőzése érdekében. A gyermek benti cipője nagyon fontos a láb egészséges fejlődése érdekében.

The kindergarten pedagogues use 5 days in the year as professional days, the time of which is marked by the teaching staff with regards to the OM.16/1998.(VI.8) decree. In accordance to the modification of the 11/1994. (VI.8) decree about the operation of educational institutions, every teacher has to attend to all further trainings and pedagogic meetings, in the time cross-checked with the leadership of the institution.

Parental forums:

  • Parents' meeting, parents' chair, game afternoons, open day
  • The preparation and implementation of common events
  • Consulting hours (as a prearranged meeting)
  • Brief, occasional discussions with the teacher or the headmaster

Conditions of cessation of legal relationship with the kindergarten:

  •  if the child is taken over by another kindergarten
  •  if the parent announces in writing that their child will miss out a year
  •  if the headmaster ceases it due to back-pay
  •  if the child is accepted by a school till the last day of the educational year
  •  if the child is not accept by a school till the last day of the educational year in which the child is over their 8th birthday
  •  if the child is away from activities more than it is outlined in the law (year 1993. LXXIX.law)

Obligations of the kindergarten

Making sure of the supervision of the children it is committed with, making sure of the conditions of healthy and secure education, the exploration and cessation of reasons of child accidents, the organization of the regular medical check of children.

Therefore the kindergarteners attend dental and medical check at least once a year, children preparing for school attend an internist, an eye specialist and an orthopedist.

The parent must:

  •  take care of their child's physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and moral education,
  •  issue the necessary steps to validate their child's rights,
  • keep in regular touch with the pedagogues educating their child,
  • make sure of being informed regularly about schedule, tasks and actualities of the school year.

Notes regarding the building of the kindergarten:

For the children's safety we kindly ask you to make sure that you keep the entrance doors closed!

Our kindergarten, befitting contemporary expectations, lies on almost 300 sqm of area and provides place for three child groups. The gym can be found on the third floor, and a parking lot with a room for 150 cars awaits those arriving by car.

With any inquiries about the operation and the traditions of our kindergarten outside our policies, please feel free to contact the competent colleague or the headmaster of the kindergarten.


September 1st, 2012, Budapest

About us

Our kindergarten was founded by Pege Zsóka in 1981, on the 12th district's Böszörményi út.

Shortly the space became limited due to expanding requirements, so we moved to Gellért hill for a while, before eventually occupying our recent location.


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