Special days


Apple Harvest


We visit the apple garden nearby at harvest time where we pick the ripe fruit together with the children.

After that we hold a harvest party.


Michael's day market


To revive a national tradition we hold a market at the end of September, where children can exchange their goods brought from home (fresh and shriveled fruits) in a playful way.


International day of animals


In accordance to our possibilities we pay a visit to the zoo or wildlife park on this day, thus inspiring children to get to know the world of animals from a close view.




Scaring, singing, collecting candy – that is how we walk around in the kindergarten in costumes (witch, ghost, etc.) After that, we hold a dance party.


Advent Preparation


Our Luca day's handcraft afternoon provides us the opportunity to involve the parents in our Christmas preparations. It bears a special significance for us.

santa claus

Santa Claus


Santa Claus visits the children every year to give them presents. He is welcomed with surprises aside from songs and rhymes.




A very intimate celebration. At Advent time, the groups prepare with an atmospheric compilation to greet their loved ones, where they can hand over their self-made presents too.

We finish the year with a cheerful picnic.

costume ball

Costume Ball


According to folk traditions, on this day we put on our masquerades and chase away the winter with loud singing and we also color the day with competitions and dance contests.

march 15th

March 15th


We commemorate our national day in each group properly to their age. The older ones pay a visit to the Museum of Military History, the younger ones get their flags pinned up in the memorial park nearby.

international day of water

International day of water


For a couple of days children learn about the aquatic life, the means of water transport, etc. The colorful tableaux made by them help the process.




We stick to national traditions on this day with decorating easter eggs, the boys sprinkling with water, the girls preparing with painted eggs. The bunny's hidden presents in the garden are playfully sought out. We try to cheer up the children with a living bunny if it is possible.

When a bunny visits us, we feed and pet him with pleasure!

mothers day

Mother's Day


Every group prepares with a small performance and also with a small self-made gift to give to their mothers in the first week of May.

childrens day

Children's day


At the end of May, we prepare with playful contests and a lot of surprises to the children.

After that, we hold a garden party.

year closing

Year closing


The English as well as the Hungarian groups present their skills in a special, unique form.

The celebration becomes even more memorable by the joyful picnic and a big cake.

rainbow camp

Rainbow camp


Every year summer months are spent with a happy camp, in which we hike a lot, swim, cook and bake, make handcrafts and splash in the garden pool!

Hungarian and as well foreign kindergarteners and elementary schoolers are warmly welcome in our Summer Camp!

About us

Our kindergarten was founded by Pege Zsóka in 1981, on the 12th district's Böszörményi út.

Shortly the space became limited due to expanding requirements, so we moved to Gellért hill for a while, before eventually occupying our recent location.


Pingvin Óvoda & Bölcsőde

1121 Budapest, Eötvös út 2.

06 20 546 6137


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