Puppet show and carnival preparations

Puppet show and carnival preparations

In January, we made our arts activity schedule domestic in the Pingvin kindergarten.

The children could view the well-known tale of The Ugly Duckling, presented by the AMETISZT PUPPET THEATRE. The meaning and the moral of the story is valid to this day. The harmony of the professional actors, the scenery, the puppets, the sound and light effects all achieved a miraculous impact on the children.

Compared to the rapidity of cartoons and video games, live tale-plays are a source of experience that is easier to follow and process for the children's nervous system.

Parents might not even be aware what a great commission that is, to sing and tell tales for their children regularly!

In February, the ESTRÁD ASSOCIATION, consisting of young artist members, offered help at establishing a carnival atmosphere. The carnival traditions and whimsical habits of old times are almost completely unknown to present day's urban children. From this, we received a humorous taster. The children could hear what a bagpipe, and even a real goatskin bagpipe sound like.

The children prepare for the carnival relying on their own ideas, and - in accordance with their temper - take on the costume they've dreamed of, or stay among the curious audience.


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Our kindergarten was founded by Pege Zsóka in 1981, on the 12th district's Böszörményi út.

Shortly the space became limited due to expanding requirements, so we moved to Gellért hill for a while, before eventually occupying our recent location.


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