Manó group

Two teacher and a nanny works with children of age 3-4.

We use our well-equipped, large gym a lot, where it is possible to perform physical education according to age groups. Besides creating a friendly atmosphere, we consider unique education, native language education (rhymes, poems, songs) and training children to have self-reliance very important.

The introduction of our kindergarten's own English language program takes place in this group as well. The proximity of Normafa provides opportunity to discover nature, it is never too early to begin hiking!

Manó Csoport


The everyday life of the kindergarteners

Children at kindergarten age feel best if they feel secure and can be in community in which they can feel good, play a lot, make acquaintances, and the adults who take care of them, make it available for them in an understanding and accepting way, adjusted to the children's personal level.

Unique attention to every child

We have so many games, development tools, magic gadgets, but they would worth nothing without the presence of an adult, who teaches the kids the use of toys, the rules of board games, the fun value of puzzle, the use of plasticine, the joy of painting, the gimmicks of painting with glue and the harmonic sound of percussive instruments played together!

Development of imagination and manual dexterity

We could go on forever listing the expanding array of activities that children are involved in with us, teachers, and with each other. There is no day without taletelling, but they can tell poems and sing songs; all of these are even possible to be drawn or painted down, still, there are others means of creativity. For the role-plays, we don't exclusively use pre-made objects! Self-made accessories have special values, which aren't only especially enjoyable, but provide great development in imagination and manual dexterity.

Getting acquainted with the nature in a playful way

An integral part of the life of the groups is getting familiar with the nature. Walks, trips, booted hiking, so much fun, experience and knowledge, which can be applied at many types of activities. Everything is related to everything. Traveling on the locomotive, we sing the tune 'Megy a gőzös…' ('The Streamer Goes'), while walking, 'Aki nem lép egyszerre…' ('Those, who don't walk in step') can be heard. We gather little treasures, crops, leaves, flowers, colorful plumes get utilized at creative activities by the children.

Getting the kids to like movement

Daily physical education becomes systematic in the kindergarten, motivated by motion games.

Music and concerts to strengthen musicality

In the kindergarten, children can play back songs they heard at concerts, therefore making music a common value.

Sleep is not obligatory, if the child doesn't demand it

At resting time, we make the children, which don't require sleep, sure of opportunities so they can spend that time with attractive activities, corresponding to their personal activeness.

Facultative, optional programs in the afternoon

We offer facultative opportunities for the children to participate in, including soccer, judo, ballet and chess.

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About us

Our kindergarten was founded by Pege Zsóka in 1981, on the 12th district's Böszörményi út.

Shortly the space became limited due to expanding requirements, so we moved to Gellért hill for a while, before eventually occupying our recent location.


Pingvin Óvoda & Bölcsőde

1121 Budapest, Eötvös út 2.

06 20 546 6137

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